About Dr Akbar Muhammad
Dr. Akbar Muhammad, is a Historian and Consultant on International Affairs, Africa and the Middle East. Akbar has traveled to and met top diplomatic officials to over 144 countries around the world—including 44 African nations—and has lived in Ghana, Africa for over a decade. Through the Africa and Middle East Literacy Foundation, he continues to consult with African and World leaders to promote humanitarian efforts in many parts of the world, including galvanizing Business & Political leaders from the diaspora to work in Africa and other developing nations. In 2007 he organized a historic trip for a press delegation to travel to the Sudan for a visit to Darfur on a fact-finding mission, and through his efforts secured exclusive one-on-one interviews with Sudan’s President Omar El-Bashir for Black Entertainment Television (BET) and the TV-One Network.

Dr. Muhammad dedicates his time speaking and encouraging others to travel, work and do business in Africa. Over the years he has accompanied and arranged travel to Africa for thousands of experienced and first time travelers including notable celebrities, major sports figures and influential civic and business leaders.
Dr. Muhammad’s extensive work and travel in Africa are reflected in his column “Africa and the World” which is published in African-American newspapers nationally. He is a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Global Evangelical Christian Seminary at the University of Alabama. He is the founder of Youth4Africa Foundation, a non-profit organization based on the belief that Young Blacks in the Diaspora are due a personal journey “Back to Africa” to gain a historical perspective that reconnects lost cultural traditions of the past to present life choices. He believes “Taking Young People to Africa Can Make a Difference”. The Africa experience will aid our youth to understand their purpose, inspire fundamental discussions and shape positive self-images.