Read in the name of thy Lord who creates man from a clot. Read and thy Lord is most Generous – Surah 96:2

The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge – Proverbs 18:15

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Akbar Muhammad, is a Historian and Consultant on International Affairs, Africa and the Middle East. Akbar has traveled to and met top diplomatic officials to over 144 countries around the world—including 44 African nations—and has lived in Ghana, Africa for over a decade. Read more…
I enjoyed “visions for Blackmen” because it had information that one could obtain only through studying and searching. And I am delighted that someone cared enough to dig deep into the need to help free us men (especially us Blackmen) from our destructive lifestyles. We have been disregarding the real purpose in life because of all these distractions that this material world has to offer. Our blindness was intentionally inflicted on us by people that have no respect for the beauty of life and God. If we were accepted as human beings and was taught how to love ourselves, I am sure this problem would not be as devastating as it is. And “Visions for Blackmen” also taught me that we need to see ourselves for who and what we are, and that is love, spirit and strength.
Stanley Alston, Amazon Review
This book hits home on so many issues with black men. The scientific but simplistic way he breaks down the actions and habits of the male, boy, and men gives us all a measuring stick of our own personal development. I have read 2 other works of Mr. Akbar but this piece was the quickest, easiest yet most informational and transformational piece I have read in quite a long time. Every black man in America needs to read, internalize, and evauate this book.
John H. Bradley IV, Theme Fusion